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Timeline of Earth-12


May, 1940

  • After the stork delivers the strongest baby in the world to a destitute family, Poison Ivy the Mighty Mite decides to strike out on his own. A crook tries to kidnap him for the ransom money, but Poison Ivy instead captures him and sends a note to the police to double the reward money for his capture. The police try to bust into the empty house where Poison Ivy is keeping the crook, but after they realize a super-baby is holding them off with one hand, they decide to pay double the ransom. Poison Ivy returns to his family with a dump-truck full of pennies, the currency he requested. [Poison Ivy the Mighty Mite, Feature Comics #32 (May, 1940)]

June, 1940

  • Poison Ivy the Mighty Mite visits a recruiting office and quickly proves, through a series of increasingly difficult tests, that he's worth 100,000 recruits and ends up filling the quota himself by joining the U.S. Army. [Poison Ivy the Mighty Mite, Feature Comics #33 (June, 1940)]


July, 1941

  • Tired of being just plain Cupid, the cherubic winged Cyclone Cupid goes to Earth and tries to be a crime-fighter like the ones from the comic-books. In his first adventure, Cyclone Cupid stops a union racketeer trying to start a fight with a police officer on the picket line, using his arrows to make the crook love the cop, then another arrow to pin him to the wall. But when he goes to get his reward, he's so disgusted by how small the reward is that he pickets the police station, petitioning for bigger rewards. [Cyclone Cupid, He Ain't Stupid, National Comics #13 (July, 1941)]

October, 1941

  • When America is invaded by the Germans, who starve the nation to force a surrender, General Alarm announces from a dirigible above that he has enough food for all if they surrender. Cyclone Cupid punctures the dirigible with arrows, causing not gas but soup to pour down onto the streets, allowing everyone to get their fill. [Cyclone Cupid, He Ain't Stupid, National Comics #16 (October, 1941)]


October, 1943

  • When the Vaudeville sensation Professor Zomby is drafted into the U.S. Army, his French assistant is ordered to take over his act, despite his inexperience. When the magician's assistant asks for a volunteer for a disappearing act, a bespectacled schoolboy called Perky volunteers and gets in the box. But when the magician's assistant says the magic word “floozle” and operates the hidden lever, Perky isn't merely hidden from audience view, but is sent into another dimension, the Land o' Lugs, where he convinces two princes to run a race in order to pick who should be the next king. From this point on, each time the amateur magician pulls the lever to try to bring him back, Perky is instead sent into a series of fanciful dimensions, where he uses common sense to help out everyone he meets. [Perky, Feature Comics #75 (February, 1944); Perky, Crack Comics #10 (October, 1943)]
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