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 +====== Amazing-Man ======
 +**Amazing-Man**,​ alias **Will Everett**, is an African-American superhero who was a member of the All-Star Squadron in the 1940s.
 +===== Biography =====
 +Will Everett was a promising young African-American Olympian who had competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Upon returning to America, however, ​
 +By 1942, Everett was working as a janitor at a laboratory owned by Dr. [[Cyclotron|Terry Curtis]]. During an accident involving the explosion of some equipment to which he was exposed (developed by the criminal mastermind the [[Ultra-Humanite]]),​ Everett quickly developed the ability to mimic whatever properties he touched. For example, if he touched steel, then his body became composed of steel.
 +Under the alias of Amazing-Man,​ at first he was employed by the Ultra-Humanite as a henchman along with Curtis (as Cyclotron) and [[Deathbolt]]. However, his sympathies soon swayed towards the side of good after repeated exposure to the [[All-Star Squadron]], a team of both Golden Age characters and retroactive characters like himself, with whom he joined to defeat his former employer'​s machinations. He then served a lengthy stint as a member of this voluminous mystery-man organization.
 +In February 1942, the Squadron helped Everett defeat the bigoted villain in his home town of Detroit, the [[Real American]], who turned out to be an android supplied by the [[Monitor]]. During the [[Crisis on Infinite Earths]], Amazing-Man was one of a group of heroes chosen by the Monitor to stop the Anti-Monitor'​s quest for destruction.
 +In 1966, Will Everett became a hero once more under the identity of the Bronze Wraith and joined the [[Justice Experience]] based in San Francisco. (([[http://​www.5earths.info/​earth-2/​wildcat1986-02-2/​|Wildcat:​ The Chase, Chapter 2: The Justice Experience]]))
 +Although his personal life is largely unknown, Everett did have a son named Will Everett Jr. His grandson, Will Everett III, inherited a form of his father'​s powers and can attain the powers of any meta-human in his proximity for a short time; he became the hero [[Paragon]] in 1986. (([[http://​www.5earths.info/​earth-2/​jsa1986-04/​|Justice Society of America: A Fresh Start]]))
 +Will Everett is currently retired. In 1988, Everett was diagnosed with cancer and began undergoing chemotherapy.
 +===== Powers and abilities =====
 +Amazing-Man is capable of transforming himself into a living, breathing facsimile of any material that he touches.
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