Zing, Queen of Quick Who's Who Bio
zing-04.jpg Villain ID: Zing
Nicknames: Queen of Quick
Civilian ID: Lee Han, Aleny Huong
Civilian Occupation: Hydraulic Engineer, Professional Gambler
Appearance: Zing is about 5'3“, with short black hair, and wears a brief green costume with a yellow lightning symbol
5 Earths Universe: Earth S
Base of Operations: Originally Chicago, Las Vegas for a while, now San Francisco
Born: ~1937 on Earth S minus
Aging status: Normal
Status: Original Character / Dan S.
Relatives: unnamed parents
Associates: mysterious benefactor, Balbo Baldini, Wayland Steele
Group Affiliations: none
Enemies: Red Rocket, Tom Atomic, Lady Victory, Night Sentry, AVant Guard

Powers: super speed-related, limited absorption and discharge of electricity

Source of Powers: she was drawn from her home dimension to Earth S by a genie and gained her powers due to the magic used in the transfer. When she runs, she generates and absorbs static electricity, and and can absorb it directly from electrical current sources.

Knowledge and skills: Mechanical and hydraulic engineering, skilled poker player

Weapons and Gadgets:

History: Born on Earth-S minus, Lee Han was always a tomboy. Her parents fled the invasion of China to Viet Nam and then the invasion of Viet Nam in the 1930s to San Francisco, and then moved to Chicago during the ethnic paranoia during WWII 40s, and then passed away early, leaving her paranoid about her own possessions being stolen. After she was magically drawn to Earth S by a genie, she gained her powers and has been a super villain since then.

(Partial) list of 5EP appearances:

Fun Times Four in Chicago (origin)

Go West, Young Woman

Midwestern Odyssey

Las Vegas Card Shark

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