Yarko the Great

Yarko the Great is an American mystery man from the golden age of heroes and is considered the mightiest magician of all time.

Little is known about Yarko's past, except that by April, 1939, he was already a well-known sorcerer with many friends in law enforcement. He was simply described as a young American initiated into the magic of the East. An inveterate traveler, Yarko does not appear to call any place his home and is constantly traveling wherever his interests are piqued. However, he is known to have a study at an undisclosed location where he does much of his thinking.

As the mightiest magician of all time, Yarko the Great's magical abilities are numerous. Unlike many sorcerers, Yarko the Great does not need to utter a spell to perform a feat of magic, but can do so with a mere gesture of his eyes or his arm, usually followed by a blinding flash of light. The source of his magic lies primarily in his eyes. He has, however, been known to utter incantations from time to time, sometimes using a form of backwards speaking or even Pig Latin, but as he does not need to do so, he may use this as a way to focus a spell. He can use a form of hypnotism to compel those with weak minds to obey his commands. He often uses transfiguration, the power to change his form and appearance, to transform into an animal such as a bird or cause himself to become a giant. He can also use this power to change others into animals or objects, as well as form water or electricity from the air. He possesses telekinesis, or the power to remotely control things with his mind, as well as telepathy. He also has the power to create a spiritual form of himself that can travel places his physical body cannot go and in this form can pass along messages to others or battle spirit beings. He can become invisible and intangible and create illusions such as numerous duplicates of himself. He can create an impenetrable force field to protect himself or others from harm. He can teleport himself or other objects across vast distances. He can summon the spirit of a recently deceased person. He can command the elements and the weather, as well as cause them to form into any shape he wishes, such as a smoke giant capable of primitive thought. He possesses healing abilities.

Despite his vast power, Yarko still has weaknesses. He is a mortal man, and if he is not expecting it, he can be physically harmed. If his eyes are covered, his ability to perform magic is greatly diminished.

Over the years, Yarko has battled many foes. Yarko's first enemy was Shaddiba, an Asian who was the second foremost sorcerer in the world and whose power came from Lucifer; although Shaddiba apparently died in an explosion in Yarko's first public exploit, his death is unconfirmed. Yarko's most dangerous foes are undoubtedly Death and the Devil, whom he fought together in his second public case. Lailani, the queen of the Valley of the Moon in Tibet, was a vampire with powerful hypnotic abilities. Fu Chu was an immortal with mystic powers who spent hundreds of years warring on mankind from his mountaintop fortress in China. Ramma-Tep was the priest-king of Roxor, an ancient Egyptian city hidden from the outer world.

The friends and allies of Yarko the Great are many. They include Inspector Drake of Scotland Yard, Judge Frederick Lawton in New York City, NYPD Detective Gail Martin, and Li Wan of China.

After his last public case in November, 1941, Yarko the Great's activities remain largely unknown. However, given that the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred very shortly after on December 7, 1941, it is probable that Yarko joined the war effort on behalf of the Allies.

Yarko the Great's only known case after 1941 is the case of “The Viking Horde” in 1955. Yarko's current activities and whereabouts remain unknown.

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