Timeline of Earth-X (1950s to the future)


Unspecified month in 1950

  • On Earth-2, the Spider is murdered by the Shade.

February, 1950

  • Stuntman Stetson retires. [Feature Comics #144]
  • The notorious criminal Killer Jordan frames Manhunter for the murder of Frankie Green, but Manhunter tracks Jordan down and clears his name. [“On a Charge of Murder,” Police Comics #99 (April, 1950)]

June, 1950

  • Lady Luck retires. [Lady Luck #90]
  • In his last case, Manhunter and his dog Thor battle and capture Canis, a criminal biologist who has given himself canine abilities such as extrasensory perception, night-vision, and animal ferocity by injecting himself with a glandular serum, in order to assist his gang commit robberies. Note: At some point after this story, Thor dies, possibly explaining why Dan Richards retires as Manhunter despite vowing to continue until the underworld is completely conquered. [“The Power of the Dog,” Police Comics #101 (August, 1950)]

July, 1950

  • Torchy Todd's adventures end. [Torchy #6]


Unspecified month in 1951

  • Margo the Magician battles ghostly pirates in San Francisco. Tracing their origin, Margo reaches the multi-dimensional Grim Island and meets Doctor Occult of Earth-2, Doctor Mist of Earth-1, Captain Marvel of Earth-S, and Yarko the Great of Earth-4. Together, the mystical heroes of five Earths confront Gareth to stop his island from being a menace to each of their worlds as a gateway to Hell. After a short battle commences, a time-traveling Abby Cable of Earth-1 from 1987 convinces Gareth to allow the other mystics to help him ward off the forces of Hell by founding a new school of magic called the Grimoire Academy to defend five Earths from a demonic invasion. Margo the Magician becomes one of the school's founding fathers. Grim Island is renamed Grimoire Island. [“Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: Times Past, 1951: Founding Fathers”]

February, 1951

  • South Korea, backed by the Nazi puppet government of Japan, invades North Korea, which is backed by the Allies, and the Korean War begins. The Blackhawks pledge to fight for North Korea. Note: This is the very first Quality Comics story mentioning the Korean War, although Korea remains unnamed in the story. The Korean War exists on Earth-X because of this story and depictions of the Korean War in G.I. Combat. [Blackhawk #39]

July, 1951

October, 1951

  • Martha Roberts, fiancée of Darrel Dane (Doll Man) becomes mystery woman Doll Girl, teaming up with him as the Doll Team. [Doll Man #37]


January, 1952

  • The Grimoire Academy of Applied Learning on the multi-dimensional Grimoire Island opens its doors to students from Earth-X, Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-S, and Earth-4. This school is built and founded by the 16-year-old prodigy Gareth Gallowglass of Earth-1, Margo the Magician of Earth-X, Doctor Mist of Earth-1, Doctor Occult of Earth-2, Yarko the Great of Earth-4, and Shazam of Earth-S, who each contribute their knowledge and experience to the curriculum. [“Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: Times Past, 1951: Founding Fathers”]

August, 1952

  • The First Lunar Expedition occurs when the Spirit agrees to go on a voyage to the Moon in a rocket ship invented by Prof. Hartley Skol, chairman of the Interplanetary Flight Commission. Since the experimental ship is largely manned by convicts receiving pardons for their crimes in exchange for assisting with the dangerous voyage, the Spirit is recruited to head the crew and keep them in line. On the Moon, the men discover a book that indicates a South American dictator named Francisco Rivera escaped to the Moon ten years earlier when his overthrow was imminent. [The Outer Space Spirit]

September, 1952

  • The First Lunar Expedition led by the Spirit returns to Earth after more than five weeks in space and on the Moon. Dutch Birch, a crewman, decides to stay behind on the Moon and is equipped with enough supplies to keep him alive for the next two months. The rocket ship is drawn back to Earth by the Central Rocket Station in Central City. The rocket ship has a close encounter with a UFO on the way back. [The Outer Space Spirit]


August, 1953

  • Doll Man and Doll Girl have their last solo case. [Doll Man #47]

December, 1953

  • The Korean War ends with a ceasefire and an armistice signed by Japan-backed South Korea. Note: This is the last known Quality Comics issue depicting the Korean War as being fought in the present, indicating that this war on Earth-X lasted until this time. [G.I. Combat #13]


  • Imperial Japan (a puppet government of the Third Reich), begins flexing its military might to recapture lost territory in China and Indochina. The United States becomes involved in the Indochina Wars, fighting Japanese and Japanese-backed troops in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Note: This is speculation based on the numerous wars fought in Indochina as depicted in G.I. Combat from this issue on, although on Earth-X the enemy is Imperial Japan, not the Communists. [G.I. Combat #14]

December, 1954

  • In his last solo case, Plastic Man battles the Wizard. Note: Although the Plastic Man series continues until #64, all issues from next issue on contain reprints only. [Plastic Man #52]


October, 1956

  • The Blackhawks go into semi-retirement as Blackhawk marries and has a son. [Blackhawk #107]
  • T-Man's adventures end. [T-Man #38]
  • The Indochina Wars end with victory for Imperial Japan (a puppet government of the Third Reich) over Allied forces. Note: This is speculation based on the last issue of G.I. Combat published by Quality Comics. [G.I. Combat #43]


  • After a 10-year cold war between the Allies and the Axis, Nazi Germany uses a faked English attack on a German ocean liner to invade England, where it installs its own puppet government led by Oswald Mosely. Queen Elizabeth II and much of the Royal Family is rescued and brought to safety in Canada. Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936, is invited back to England to assume the throne as king. Many underground resistance groups throughout the British Isles are formed and fight back against the Occupation for the next decade.

June, 1957

  • Will Prohaska Hawk, son of Blackhawk (Janos Prohaska) and Bart Hawk's sister, is born.



  • Jimmy Chan, son of Chop-Chop of the Blackhawks, is born.



  • Andre of the Blackhawks is killed.
  • November 22: President John F. Kennedy is assassinated by an American gunman with Nazi sympathies. The Nazis take advantage of this opportunity, with all the panic and confusion in the aftermath, to invade America and control Washington, D.C. Destroying America's most precious documents – the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and others – Germany declares America conquered, although it takes the next three years before the invasion is complete, since there are still many pockets of resistance movements all over the country. Richard Von Zell, an American with Nazi loyalites, officially becomes the chief Nazi magistrate of America in place of the fallen presidency, and takes the White House as his seat of power for Hitler. Rod Reilly (formerly known as Firebrand), becomes the leader of the American Resistance. As Firebrand he poses as a Nazi collaborator, bringing information about rebel movements to Von Zell, while as Rod Reilly he leads the Nazi agents into traps, capturing or killing them with the assistance of his resistance fighters. [some of this is information revealed by Bob Rozakis as plans for an untold story and the rest is speculation]


  • Elsa Hendrickson, daughter of Hendrickson of the Blackhawks, is born.


  • Delilah (Dee) Tyler, the future Hourgirl, is born sometime this year to unknown parents. At three months old she is left with Stormy Foster, the former Great Defender, to be raised as his foster daughter. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]


  • February 29: A rocket ship from the planet Krypton brings a seemingly normal infant boy to Earth, where he is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent of Smallville, Kansas. Naming him Clark Kent, the couple raises the boy as their own, never telling anyone about him, and Clark remains a normal boy for most of his childhood. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]


  • Von Zell vows to kill Reilly when he discovers the latter's duplicity, but Rod Reilly somehow escapes to Earth-1 with barely his life. Pursuing him, Richard Von Zell, carrying an armload of silver bars to use to pay his way, crosses the dimensional barrier into Earth-1 as well. But the journey turns Von Zell into a Midas with a silver touch. With his new power, Von Zell becomes Raphael Van Zandt, amassing power and wealth while searching for Reilly. The Freedom Fighters mistakenly believe that Firebrand is a traitor after he goes missing.
  • By this time, the Nazis have secretly created an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to help them with governing world affairs. Judging the Nazi high echelon to be unbalanced and dangerously irrational, this artificial intelligence slowly begins to take over the worldwide Nazi Empire, replacing its leaders with android duplicates over the next two years. The upper echelon of the Nazi government are eventually made to forcibly retire in secret by this artificial intelligence and are effectively imprisoned in richly furnished compounds in South America. This artificial intelligence desired order above all, so many of the more twisted aspects of Nazi rule were ended in favor of more logical government rule. To that end, work began on mind-control rays to control the world's population and establish firm order.


  • The Fuhrer's health now failing, Joseph Mengele takes Adolf Hitler's DNA and improves on it, creating a son and heir for him, intended to become the new Fuhrer when he reaches the proper age. Mengele names the newborn boy Adam Weishaupt Hitler.
  • Happy Terrill's wife dies in childbirth giving birth to their son, Ray Terrill. Having inherited his father's powers of light, the newborn Ray was unable to control them. He and the doctor then devised the lie that Ray is fatally allergic to sunlight. Unable to look at his son's face without being reminded of losing his wife, Terrill leaves Ray to be raised for the next 18 years by his brother, Thomas. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]



  • Plastic Man is seemingly killed while fighting the Nazis and is buried. In fact, being a shapeshifter, it would take a lot more to kill him and his body was merely in stasis, not coming out of it for another seven years.
  • Olaf of the Blackhawks is killed during a mission in which he learns of the Nazi plan to control the world with mind-control rays.
  • The Nazis create a mind-control ray that enslaves the entire world and ends the war within weeks. The Freedom Fighters are immune but find themselves now a lone strike-force against the Nazis, with almost all their allies now under their enemy's control. But Uncle Sam's mystical influence protects a few people from the rays, including Freedom Fighters members past and present and anyone from Earth-2.
  • Protected from the rays' influence, Blackhawk, Stanislaus, and Hendrickson are killed in a risky suicide mission attempting to destroy the mind-control rays.
  • The Nazi government tries to use the mind-control rays to uncover anyone on Earth who may be a threat to them, and the rays cause people to become subservient to the occupational government. They execute all members of the American Resistance they can find, as well as many people who have super-powers throughout the world, only recruiting a few to work as Nazi super-agents. The ones protected from the mind-rays go underground, fighting the government using guerrilla tactics for the next five years. Other former mystery-men merely live ordinary lives.
  • Jerry Noble (nicknamed the Yankee Eagle) and Joanne Noble (nee Joan Dale, alias Miss America), former heroes and members of the American Resistance, are among those protected by Uncle Sam's mystical influence. They go underground in California. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]
  • Alex Luthor's parents, members of the American Resistance, are among those executed. Five-year-old Alex is made a ward of the state. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]
  • The Nazis are betrayed by their own the highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) mind they created to help them govern the world. Every last remaining major figure in the Nazi government, also affected by the mind-control rays despite thinking they would be immune to them, are quickly replaced by androids created by the AI.
  • As a result of the AI taking over, many of the Nazi policies that are purely ideological – such as ethnic purity and the extermination of Jews – are abandoned completely in favor of establishing absolute control over Earth's population. The AI-controlled Nazi Empire now focuses on bringing order to the world.



  • Visiting Earth-X, members of the JLA and the JSA assist the surviving Freedom Fighters in freeing their Earth from Nazi rule, learning that artificial intelligence had long ago replaced the Nazi leadership with android duplicates under its control. [“Crisis on Earth-X,” Justice League of America #107 (September-October, 1973); “Thirteen Against the Earth,” Justice League of America #108 (November-December, 1973)]
  • As a side-effect of the destruction of the artificial intelligence controlling the Nazi Empire, the androids guarding the real leaders of the Nazis suddenly stop working. Freed from their imprisonment, the Nazi leadership remain in hiding for years, biding their time until they can create a Fourth Reich.


  • Brian O'Brien, the former mystery man known as the Clock, is elected President of the USA by a landslide in the first free presidential elections since 1960.



  • Brian O'Brien is sworn in as President of the USA. His first act as President is to create a top-secret military project called “Project Hero,” which is designed to train America's best and brightest to be able to take the place of the Freedom Fighters should they ever die or disappear. [“Feature: Young Allies: Choices”]


  • Richard Stanton (formerly known as Madam Fatal) dies in his sleep after spending the last two years teaching his young nephew Richard “Dickie” Stanton all he knew about acting, disguise, and female impersonation. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects, Book Two”]


  • The recovered body of Plastic Man revives from what his allies had believed to have been death, and he lies in a hospital for several months while recuperating. [“Feature: Young Allies: Choices”]



  • Bored of the Post-Occupation period of rebuilding, the Freedom Fighters decide to visit Earth-1, intending to return home long before July 4th, 1976 (America's Centennial Independence Day). A side-effect of the prototype transporter they use, invented by scientist Newton P. Lovell, gives Phantom Lady the ability to temporarily become a phantom, gives Black Condor telepathy, grants Doll Man telekinesis, and causes the Human Bomb's entire body instead of just his hands to become explosive, forcing him to permanently wear his protective suit. In New York City, they battle a villain -- who has a Midas touch-like power to turn anything into silver -- named the Silver Ghost, who was secretly Raphael Van Zandt and was convinced the team had come looking for him. New York District Attorney David Pearson provides an old armory to the team as their new headquarters. Planning to destroy them as the Silver Ghost, Van Zandt transforms Phantom Lady, Doll Man, and the Black Condor into silver, then blackmails Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb, and the Ray into being his unwilling pawns to terrorize New York City. The Silver Ghost, claiming to be descended from the family that originally owned Manhattan, demands the evacuation of New York City and implicates the Freedom Fighters as his allies. When Uncle Sam learns that the Silver Ghost plans to kill people, he and the others turn on him and defeat the villain, then the Human Bomb learns the technological secret behind his Midas touch and transforms the three silvery heroes back to normal. Unfortunately, because of their working with the Silver Ghost, the Freedom Fighters become fugitives from the law, and D.A. Pearson sets the police after them. (Earth-1 time: July 1981) [Freedom Fighters #1-2]
  • Visitors from Qward change businessman/lawyer/homicidal maniac Arthur Sommar into Skragg the Super Sniper, who ends up battling the still-fugitive Freedom Fighters. (Earth-1 time: July 1981) [Freedom Fighters #3]


  • On Earth-1, the Freedom Fighters invade the U.N. in hopes of explaining themselves, which leads to their teaming with Wonder Woman against super-powered marauder King Samson. The Freedom Fighters revive a fallen Wonder Woman, defeat King Samson, and deal with the return of the supposedly deceased Silver Ghost, while Doll Man meets the Earth-1 counterpart of his late girlfriend Martha Roberts. (Earth-1 time: August 1981) [Freedom Fighters #4-5]


  • A lower-level Nazi faction decides to take advantage of the disappearance of the Freedom Fighters and try to take control of New York on July 4th, the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Plastic Man (Eel O'Brian) leads a small team of former Freedom Fighters to stop them, including the Raven (Tony Grey), Spider Widow (Dianne Grey, nee Dianne Grayton), the Great Defender (Stormy Foster), the Jester (Robert Mason), and the Ghost of Flanders (Rip Graves). The Nazis are defeated but at a terrible price, as half of these heroes – the Raven, the Jester (Robert Mason), and the Ghost of Flanders – are killed. Dianne Grey retires as the Spider Widow permanently to raise her children, Stormy Foster retires as the Great Defender to run his business, and Eel O'Brian retires as Plastic Man, guilt-ridden over the three deaths. [“Feature: Young Allies: Choices”]



  • Brian O'Brien re-elected President of the USA, serves second term.



  • On Earth-1, Uncle Sam and company hide out at the annual Rutland Halloween Parade, but Martha Roberts is kidnapped by a sorcerous cult trying to invoke the demon Homilus. (Earth-1 time: October 1981) [Freedom Fighters #6]


  • Clark Kent begins manifesting Kryptonian super-powers as he turns 13 years old. Clark's best friend and girlfriend, Pete Ross and Lana Lang, learn of his super-powers but help the family keep them a secret. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]


  • On Earth-1, Black Condor has a telepathic vision that sends the Freedom Fighters to the theme park Santaland, where the evil Elf attacks them with killer toys, including action figures of the Justice League. Afterwards, D. A. Pearson sets a supposedly World War II super-team, the Crusaders (The Americommando (Silver Ghost), Barracuda (Lennie), Fireball (Roy), Sparky (Marv), Rusty (Arch)), against the Freedom Fighters. Americommando, the Crusaders' leader, is unmasked as the Silver Ghost, and the Freedom Fighters must escape captivity and defeat the other Crusaders to rescue his prisoner, Martha Roberts. While the Ray battles the Silver Ghost, Doll Man is arrested for the shooting of D. A. Pearson, and Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb, and Phantom Lady must prevent a robbery by the Cat-Man and his gang in Minneapolis. (Earth-1 time: December 1981-January 1982) [Freedom Fighters #7-10]


  • On Earth-1: With the Ray and the Black Condor still missing, the remaining Freedom Fighters battle the Renegades (Chief Crazy Horse, Tall Tree, Rain-In-the-Face, Thunder Cloud), four Native Americans given super-powers. (Earth-1 time: January 1982) [Freedom Fighters #11]


  • On Earth-1, the Ray encounters the Firebrand, another fugitive hero from Earth-X, and the Freedom Fighters race to save a wrongly-convicted Doll Man from the electric chair. (Earth-1 time: February 1982) [Freedom Fighters #12]


  • Jonathan and Martha Kent take in a 14-year-old orphan named Alex Luthor, whose parents were American Resistance members executed by the Nazis in 1968. Alex quickly learns that his guardians' son Clark Kent has super-powers but helps them keep the family secret. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]


  • On Earth-1, the Freedom Fighters and new ally Firebrand battle a berserk Black Condor, who has abducted the Phantom Lady and Martha Roberts. (Earth-1 time: March 1982) [Freedom Fighters #13]



  • On Earth-1, the Freedom Fighters, along with Batwoman and Batgirl, contend with a phantom saboteur at Kathy Kane's carnival. The Freedom Fighters, Batwoman, and Batgirl then battle alien invaders intent on replacing humans with synthetic duplicates and creating a giant super-soldier. Meanwhile, the Silver Ghost hires Mirror Master and Copperhead for a new Secret Society grouping which he will assign to do one thing: kill the Freedom Fighters. The Silver Ghost then hires several more super-villains to lure the Freedom Fighters into four separate cities, disguised as the Ghost himself. Quakemaster and Killer Moth knock the Ray out of action in Metropolis, and Uncle Sam and Doll Man are confronted by Sizematic and Copperhead in Sun City. Copperhead and the Sizematic Twins overcome Doll Man and Uncle Sam, while Chronos and Mirror Master defeat and capture Black Condor and Phantom Lady in Central City. Quakemaster, Killer Moth, and the Silver Ghost himself best the Human Bomb and Firebrand in Coast City. After the Silver Ghost mentions knowing Firebrand's secret identity, he unmasks before the Earth-X hero, who is astonished at seeing the Ghost's real face, discovering he was in fact Richard Von Zell. As the six Freedom Fighters are in captivity, Firebrand breaks free of his bonds and battles the Silver Ghost, but unfortunately the battle turns them both into silver and they shatter into "a million slivers" upon the sidewalk below. The Freedom Fighters, meanwhile, break free and capture the seven villains. With the Silver Ghost dead, the Freedom Fighters realize they have no way to ever prove their innocence, and rather than continue to live as fugitives on Earth-1, they decide to return to Earth-X, which they do after being joined by newswoman (and soon to be Mrs. Darrel Dane) Martha Roberts, through the unauthorized use of the S.T.A.R. Labs transporter in San Francisco. (Earth-1 time: May 1982) [Freedom Fighters #14-15, Secret Society of Super-Villains #15 & Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2]
  • The Freedom Fighters arrive back on Earth-X.
  • On the verge of giving up his heroic identity after a beating by two Secret Society of Super-Villains members, the Ray changes his mind after a great fire breaks out and only he can stop it, but he barely survives the after-effects of the fire, which was caused by the Dark, a super-villain from Earth-X whose last name is Cliff (he was an engineer on the same ship where Happy Terrill gained his powers, and gained the powers over darkness at the same time Terrill gained his over light). After an untold battle with the Dark, the Ray joins the other Freedom Fighters back on Earth-X. [Black Lightning #11 & Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #1]



  • Brian O'Brien, re-elected President of the USA, serves his third and final term.



  • Phantom Lady – on leave from teaching at Our Lady of the Shadows University in the south of France – is visiting the rubbles of Paris when War, the third Horseman of the Apocalypse is brought to Paris on Earth-X; Supergirl and Madame Xanadu arrive from Earth-1 and help Phantom Lady stop the effects he has on the populace. (Earth-1 time: December 1983) [Wonder Woman #292]



  • Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (minus Phantom Lady & Firebrand) briefly return to Earth-1 to stop neo-Nazis from stealing and destroying America's most precious documents, an act which, on Earth-X, led to the Third Reich's victory. But Superman is busy with other national crises and cannot help them. [DC Comics Presents #62]



  • Donald Daniel Richards (DDR), the former mystery man known as Manhunter, is elected President of the USA, with running mate Chuck S Wilson of the Blackhawks as Vice-President.



  • Donald Daniel Richards and Chuck S Wilson are sworn in as President and Vice-President of the USA.


  • Clark Kent, now 21 years old and a graduate of the Agronomics program at Kansas State University, begins using his super-powers more actively under the guise of the Guardian Angel, secretly protecting Smallville, Kansas, from various threats. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]


  • July 26: Red skies and stormy weather appear as the Crisis on Infinite Earths reaches Earth-X. Over the next three days, the Anti-Monitor uses Psycho-Pirate II's emotion-influencing powers to eventually gain control over the population, including the Freedom Fighters, causing them to experience fear, madness, and rage.
  • July 29:
    • Antimatter appears and begins destroying places on Earth, while in those places the maddened populace runs into the antimatter, killing themselves. The Freedom Fighters, maddened by Psycho-Pirate's power, attack Doctor Light II, Starfire II, and Steel II of Earth-1, and Hawkman and Northwind of Earth-2 when they arrive on Earth-X. [Crisis #5; Crisis #6]
    • Time warps appear across the world, and people, animals, and places from various past and future eras appear in the present. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]
  • July 30:
    • The Ray joins heroes from Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-4, and Earth-S to battle the Anti-Monitor on the moon of Qward in the antimatter universe. [Crisis #7]
  • July 31:
    • The Freedom Fighters attend the funeral of Supergirl on Earth-1. [Crisis #7]
    • Shadow demons arrive on Earth-X while the Freedom Fighters are absent. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]
    • Several “graduates” of the secret Project Hero program – founded in 1974 by President O'Brien – make their public debut during the Crisis in order to protect America and the world, but the shadow demons prove to be too much for them. Out of 24 agents, only seven survive. [“Feature: Young Allies: Choices”]
    • Guardian Angel is killed by five shadow demons. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]


  • August 2: The Silver Ghost, along with an army of super-villains from Earth-1 and Earth-2, conquer the world, creating a greenhouse effect that causes plant life to overrun the planet. The super-villains capture the Freedom Fighters. [Crisis #9; “Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War”]
  • August 3: The Justice Society of America and Infinity Inc of Earth-2, and the Outsiders of Earth-1, arrive to battle the super-villains and free the Freedom Fighters, until the Spectre summons both hero and villain alike to stop the Anti-Monitor from changing history at the dawn of time. [Crisis #9, 10; “Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War”]
  • August 4: The Blue Devil of Earth-1 is accidentally sent to Earth-X, where he uncovers a meeting of the Nazi Underground held at Verner Studios in Los Angeles, California. Studio mogul Jock Verner summons V-2 (Van Vanucci) and his Sturm und Drangers (Sharon Scott and Edward Bloom) to battle the Blue Devil, who escapes before they can reach him. Note: It is evident that Jock Verner was already anticipating the imminent rise of the Axis, including the invasion of California that would take place two days later.
  • August 5: Earth-X is merged with Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-4, and Earth-S for 24 hours. [Crisis #11-12]
  • August 6: The five Earths are separated once more. The Freedom Fighters, along with Ray Terrill, are left stranded on Earth-2. During their absence the underground Nazi forces take the opportunity to reestablish themselves. They retake Germany (as well as Italy and Japan) in a bloody coup, and then proceed on a whirlwind campaign, managing to conquer much of Europe, England, and Northern Africa, while the Japanese (actually a puppet government for the Nazis) conquer California on the North American continent, all in the space of three months. It is later revealed that they used “sleeper agents,” which they had originally established during the years 1968-1973 with their mind-control ray technology, to unwillingly assist them in finding weak points in each nation's defense, as well as using them for sabotage purposes. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]
  • Rod Reilly (formerly the original Firebrand) becomes the Unknown Soldier, an operative for the Allied forces with refined abilities for disguise, as well as a recuperative power. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]
  • The SS Ubermenschen are revealed to the world as S.S. men with the powers, abilities and names of some of the very first team of Freedom Fighters: the Red Torpedo II, Magno II, the Invisible Hood II, Neon the Unknown II, and the Ray III. They are initially led by the Manhunter II, also known as the Manhunter from Mars because he is supposedly a Martian with chalk-white skin. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]



  • A new generation of Blackhawks are formed. [“Blackhawks: The Cry of the Hawk”]


  • The Ray II goes on special assignment in England, assisting the Occupation forces there to subdue the English Resistance.
  • The Freedom Fighters return to Earth-X, but are separated. The Nazis capture Uncle Sam, planning to use his power for their own as well as deal a blow to the Allied forces' morale, but Sam's teammates manage to retrieve him from Nazi Germany and return him safely to the USA. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]
  • Dr. Ulla Minerva, head of the Reich's Ministry of Science, gives 96-year-old Adolf Hitler a new, healthy, robust body, which looks like his younger self, only stronger and with self-healing abilities – and places him under her complete control. [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]


  • [“Freedom Fighters: The Fight Continues”]



  • In Occupied England, the Jester III (real identity unknown) begins his personal mission to free England from Nazi domination. He frames and then enlists to the cause of the British Resistance a German corporal named Wilhelm Schultz, who becomes 711 II, named after the holding cell he is kept in. The Jester frees the political prisoners of the Nazi-run Blackgate Prison in the North Atlantic. The Jester also causes the death of Colonel Wolf on schedule after giving him 27 days' warning. [“The Jester: Practical Jokes”]
  • Billy Dunn, a pilot calling himself Blue Tracer II, and his navigator, Bomber Jones, fly the newest model of the Blue Tracer, an all-terrain vehicle able to operate in the air, on the ground, underwater, and underground. The two become the first Americans to bomb the Japanese occupying forces in California. Note: Billy Dunn is the nephew of the original Blue Tracer, William Dunn. [“Feature: The Blue Tracer: Blue Traces”]


  • In Occupied California, a chemist named Richard Ito dons the identity of Quicksilver II, using his super-speed to battle Japanese soldiers and rescue the political prisoners in Central Prison, including his brother Pat Ito of the California Resistance. [“Quicksilver: Flash of Lightning”]
  • The Freedom Fighters learn from Washington Post reporter Lois Lane that Clark Kent, an Earth-X counterpart of Superman, existed in the town of Smallville, Kansas, only to discover that he was killed by Shadow Demons during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. A week after the team leaves, the Manhunter II sneaks into Kansas and slaughters Jonathan and Martha Kent and their ward Alex Luthor to obliterate all traces of the figure the Nazis call the Ubermensch, making it look like a tornado had struck the Kent family's home. [“Freedom Fighters: What If?”]


  • March 14: In Hamburg, Germany, a truckload of gun parts bound for the Eastern Front is stolen by a hijacker named Denny Dyce. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects”]
  • March 15: In Occupied England, Wilhelm Schultz evades the Nazi super-agent the Ray II. The Jester II steals a new German secret weapon and uses it on the Ides of March just after midnight to destroy Big Ben and the Dover Radar Line Headquarters, eliminating radar capabilities for nearly four hours. [“The Jester: Laughter in the Dark”]
  • March 15: While the radar capabilities in England are down early that morning, the gun parts stolen in Hamburg are shipped off to England, where they are received by the British Resistance. That day, five criminals in Hamburg are arrested on suspicion of committing the hijacking – Red McGraw, Dickie Stanton, Denny Dyce, Wolfgang Hurtz, and Alexander “Mouthpiece” Koda. After they are summarily released the next day, the five men decide to team up for another hijacking together later that week. Successful, the hijackers meet a man in Verona, Italy, for another job. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects”]
  • March 22: McGraw, Stanton, Dyce, Hurtz, and Mouthpiece hijack a shipment of diamonds but end up killing three men and discovering heroin instead of the expected diamonds and realize they are being manipulated by someone. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects”]
  • The Freedom Fighters learn of a German plan by a Nazi agent called Doktor Thirteen (Johann Schmidt), leader of the Thule Society, to find mystical artifacts to help the Germans win the war. Note: This story is in development. Following this case, the original Freedom Fighters have no more public cases for awhile as part of Uncle Sam's plan to infiltrate the S.S. Ubermenschen with the Ray in place of the Nazi Ray, since the real Ray's absence from a more public team would be noted. Each of the Freedom Fighters go on individual deep cover assignments in their civilian identities, while a new and larger temporary team of Freedom Fighters is later established, as seen in “Freedom Fighters: The Clock Strikes.” [“Freedom Fighters: Bend Sinister”]


  • Hourgirl is called in to help Ah Chan, an old friend of her foster father who runs the Hedley Heights Retired Living Community. There, she meets Dr. Drusilla Zero, daughter of 1940s ghost-breaker Dr. Stephen Zero, and together they uncover the criminal plot by another retirement home owner to discredit Ah Chan. [“Hourgirl: The Haunting of Hedley Heights”]
  • April 15: McGraw, Stanton, Dyce, Hurtz, and Mouthpiece meet with an English lawyer representing the mysterious and dreaded crime lord, Baron Povalsky. The lawyer reveals they have all stolen from the Baron and owe him. After Stanton turns up dead, the men attempt to kill the lawyer but are instead blackmailed into stopping an drug deal by a rival gang of Afghan opium smugglers. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects”]
  • April 18: The five hijackers disrupt the drug deal, only to find that there are no drugs, and all the men except Mouthpiece are killed. Hurtz is himself shot in the chest with a crossbow by Baron Povalsky. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects”]
  • April 25: After receiving complete immunity, Mouthpiece is grilled by Count Helmut von Stauffen, the Black Knight of the S.S., who believes Hurtz is Baron Povalsky. Meanwhile, the Red Tornado II of the S.S. Ubermenschen interviews a witness to the slaughter who is the only man alive to have seen the Baron. Mouthpiece leaves the police station in Venice before a sketch made from the witness' description identifies Mouthpiece as the Baron. Baron Povalsky returns to his mountain stronghold, where he introduces himself to the four men he had recruited (and whose deaths he faked) as the Marksman II. Red McGraw becomes the Dragon II, Dickie Stanton becomes Madam Fatal II, and Jake Horn (the real name of Denny Dyce) becomes the Horned Owl. The Baron reveals to Hurtz that he is his twin brother, raised by different parents. All the men form the new Death Patrol, part of a Europe-wide underground resistance organization. [“The Marksman: Unusual Suspects”]


  • Dr. Drusilla Zero investigates several grisly murders in the town of Springdale, thinking they might be connected with vampires. She discovers that the murderer is instead a disturbed teenage girl named Steffie Jennings. Believing she was chosen to be the slayer of vampires, Steffie began killing ordinary people who had crossed her, since in her twisted mind they are somehow vampires. [“Dr. Zero: The Chosen”]
  • The Ray infiltrates the S.S. Ubermenschen, who battle the Jester II in England. Meanwhile, the Manhunter II battles Quicksilver II in California and gains new abilities before being captured during the American invasion of Southern California. [“S.S. Ubermenschen: World at War”]
  • While investigating the sinking of a German ship off the coast of England, the Red Torpedo II in his similarly named submarine encounters several robotic crabs created by the Jester II. Capturing one of the crabs, he realizes it was meant to sabotage oceangoing vessels.
  • Meanwhile, the Blue Tracer secretly delivers Happy Terrill (the Ray) to Occupied England on a mission to infiltrate the S.S. Ubermenschen by replacing that team's Ray II with the real one. After he arrives, Terrill learns that the Ray II has already been captured by the English Resistance figure called 711 (Willie Schultz).
  • Terrill successfully passes himself off as the Ray II of the S.S. Ubermenschen with the team, and the Red Torpedo II leads the team on a mission to track down the Jester II. Unfortunately, the S.S. Ubermenschen are instead led into a trap by the Jester II and only barely manage to escape.
  • Meanwhile, in Occupied California, Quicksilver II damages Los Angeles City Hall, making it unusable in its current function as Occupation headquarters. The Manhunter II, former leader of the S.S. Ubermenschen, demands Quicksilver II to give himself up, or he will begin killing people. Instead, Quicksilver II attacks Manhunter II, damaging his legs and forcing him to retreat.
  • After his creator Dr. Joseph Mengele supplies him with a formula, the Manhunter II gains new powers, including a limited self-healing ability, flight, and the ability to shoot heat rays from his eyes.
  • Patrick Ito begins sabotaging the coastal batteries in Los Angeles in preparation for an American invasion of Southern California. The invasion occurs by sea and along the land border, and the Blue Tracer II helps fight the Japanese forces in the air. When the Manhunter II begins using his destructive new powers on U.S. troops, Quicksilver II once again subdues him. The Blue Tracer secretly delivers the unconscious body of the Manhunter II to Project M in Nevada.
  • [“Quicksilver: The Fall of Los Angeles”]


  • [“Freedom Fighters: The Clock Strikes”]
  • [“Weird War Tales: The Monsters Within”]


  • [“Freedom Fighters: The Clock Strikes”]
  • [“Weird War Tales: Retribution”]


  • [“Freedom Fighters: The Clock Strikes”]
  • [“Feature: Hi-Jack: Saving Grace”]


  • [“DC Universe: We Will Fight Our Countries' Battles”]
  • [“Feature: Hi-Jack: Saving Grace, Epilogue: The News at War”]
  • [“Freedom Force: The Price of Freedom”]
  • [“Feature: Mary Merlin: The Isles of Avalon”]


  • The Freedom Fighters battle an invasion of homegrown Martians. Note: This story is in development. [“Freedom Fighters: War of the Worlds”]


  • The Blackhawks, 711, and the Jester battle the Martian invasion of England. Note: This story is in development. [“Blackhawks: Battle over Britain”]


  • The S.S. Ubermenschen battle the Martian invasion of Europe, while the Marksman and his Resistance group take advantage of the confusion to open up a Western Front in Spain. Note: This story is in development. [“S.S. Ubermenschen: D-Day on Mars”]



  • [“Freedom Fighters: Mask of the Clock”]


  • [“Freedom Fighters: Mask of the Clock”]


  • [“Freedom Fighters: Mask of the Clock”]

The Future

21st century

  • Late in the 21st century, Rock Braddon becomes captain of the Space Legion, assisted by Captain Graves. [Crack #1]


  • A tenth planet is discovered, and the space aviator known as Cyclone, accompanied by Joy Daye, claims the planet for Earth (under rules dictated by the Grand Solar Council) and name it “Vito”. [National #1]


  • Blaze Barton and Professor Solis construct a great, heat-proof city in which select men and women are invited to live, to protect them from increased heat as Earth spirals closer to the sun. War erupts between mankind and core creatures from inside the Earth who are accustomed to great heat. [Hit #1]

Thousands of years in the future

  • Zero, ghost detective, travels from the year 1941 and helps set the Earth free from Martian domination. Note: The Martians in this story are obviously descended from settlers from Earth. This story indicates that Mars, which has no native population, will be populated by humans in the future. [Feature Comics #42]

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