Timeline of Earth-3

Return to Earth-3

  • In the Hyksos era of ancient Egypt, Prince Khufu serves the god Set and is a tyrant known as the Dark Hawkman, or the One-Who-Rules, alongside his lover Shiera. They are opposed by a good priest named Hath-Set, keeper of the Nth metal who follows Horus. [“All-Star Squadron: Times Past, 1942: Gender Gasp, Chapter 4: Dark Hawkmen of Egypt”]
  • Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders) and Inza Cramer time travel from Earth-2's 1942 to this era, where they defeat the evil Khufu and Shiera, the Dark Hawkmen tyrants who rule Egypt at this time. Inza finds the Helm of Chaos in a tomb in ancient Sumer and brings it with her when she and Hawkgirl return to Earth-2 in 1942. Note: At some point after this story, Khufu and Shiera are killed, only to reincarnate sometime in the early 20th century. [“All-Star Squadron: Times Past, 1942: Gender Gasp, Chapter 4: Dark Hawkmen of Egypt”]
  • An American named Columbus discovers Europe. [“Crisis on Earth-Three,” Justice League of America #29 (August, 1964)]
  • Colonial England wins her freedom from the United States of America in the Revolutionary War of 1776. [“Crisis on Earth-Three,” Justice League of America #29 (August, 1964)]
  • Actor Abe Lincoln shoots and kills President John Wilkes Booth. [“Crisis on Earth-Three,” Justice League of America #29 (August, 1964)]
  • On Earth-2, Kent Nelson dons the blue Helm of Chaos, which is temporarily taken over by the Lord of Order Nabu, turning it a golden color and allowing him to regain the full powers of Doctor Fate long enough to defeat the Star Sapphire of the Seventh Dimension. After Nabu gives it up, the Helm of Chaos regains its original blue tint and vanishes, presumably returning to Earth-3. Note: It is not yet known if the Helm of Chaos, later used by Doctor Chaos of Earth-3, returned to Earth-3 in ancient times or the present-day of 1942. [“All-Star Squadron: Times Past, 1942: Gender Gasp, Chapter 6: Possessions”]
  • When Ultraman gains an ultra-vision power enabling him to see into the parallel universe of Earth-1, he finds himself fascinated to discover that the super-beings on that world use their powers to stop crimes instead of committing them. The Crime Syndicate of America, fearing that they've grown rusty from a lack of suitable competition on their own world, decide to visit Earth-1 and lure the Justice League of America into trying to capture them. On Earth-1, the Syndicators begin a crime-wave across America, and the Justice Leaguers set out to stop their doppelgängers. The Flash stops the powerful Ultraman as he rips off a bank vault door in Central City. Batman stops Johnny Quick as he robs an art museum in Gotham City. Superman stops Power Ring as he robs the 3rd National Bank in another city. Wonder Woman stops Superwoman as she steals the plaster-coated gold statues from millionaire Jason Moreland's estate. Green Lanterns stops Owlman as he robs a jewel salon in Gotham City. As each of the Syndicators are defeated, they are transported to Earth-3 by saying the name Volthoom, according to Owlman's plan enacted by Power Ring. There, the Crime Syndicate defeats the Justice League. To break the tie, the Crime Syndicate decides to fight the Justice League on the neutral battleground of Earth-2, but plan to first defeat Earth-2's Justice Society of America. Meanwhile, the Justice Society discovers that the Justice League is trapped in its Secret Sanctuary on Earth-1, and learn all about the Crime Syndicate from them. When the Syndicators invade the Justice Society's Secret Sanctuary, the JSAers manage to defeat the Syndicators while avoiding contact with them, but are still transported to Earth-3 with the Crime Syndicate due to another prearranged plan of Owlman's enacted by Power Ring. After the Crime Syndicate imprisons the JSA, they shift the Justice League to Earth-2 and meet them in battle there. The Justice League manages to overcome the Crime Syndicate through teamwork and by using the Syndicators' powers against them. Discovering that the Justice Society is imprisoned on in a special prison on Earth-3 that is rigged to automatically destroy Earth-1 and Earth-2 if the JSA is ever freed, the JLA imprisons the Crime Syndicate in a green force-bubble in Limbo, the misty borderland between universes, placing signs around it in many languages warning everyone not to free the Syndicators. Thereafter the Justice League frees the Justice Society after channelling the destructive force to destroy only two dead worlds in outer space. Note: While comments made in the Crime Syndicate's later appearance in All-Star Squadron indicates that the team remained imprisoned in Limbo for the next few years, it is possible that occasionally the Syndicators managed to escape from time to time in untold stories. [“Crisis on Earth-Three,” Justice League of America #29 (August, 1964); “The Most Dangerous Earth of All,” Justice League of America #30 (September, 1964)]
  • [“The Plunder Plan,” Secret Society of Super-Villains #12 (January, 1978); “One Earth Too Many,” Secret Society of Super-Villains #13 (March, 1978); “Crisis on Earth-Three (Reprise),” Secret Society of Super-Villains #14 (April-May, 1978)]
  • After somehow escaping from the prison bubble in Limbo, Ultraman discovers a portal to the universe of Earth-Reverse-C, which is populated by sentient animals. He inadvertently causes a handful of these animals to gain super-powers via super-charged, irradiated asteroids he had thrown through the portal. Ultraman soon meets Ultra-Rabbit, Iron Pig, Katastrophe, Slashback, Fantastidrake, and Swanky Poodle, who team up as the Nasty Menagerie to overpower Ultraman and send him back to Earth-3. Note: Ultra-Rabbit and the Nasty Menagerie are evil counterparts of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew of Earth-C, much like Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate are counterparts of Superman and the Justice League. Earth-Reverse-C-Minus is actually the funny animal version of Earth-3, with its Crime Critters team consisting of Ultra-Squirrel, Owlrat, Superbunny, Johnny Quickshell, and Power Ram. [“Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Dark Side of the Crew, Prologue: The Nasty Menagerie”]
  • Lex Luthor of Earth-1 and Alexei Luthor of Earth-2 escape to Earth-3's Metropolis, where they meet Ultraman and team up to conquer this Earth. Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane of Earth-3, overhearing the meeting, asks Dr. Alexander Luthor, the world's most brilliant man, for help to stop them. Alexander Luthor transports Superman of Earth-1 and Superman of Earth-2 to Earth-3 to stop Ultraman and the evil Luthors before they can conquer Earth-3 and destroy Earth-1 and Earth-2 by causing them to occupy the same space at the same time, which would destroy them both. Inspired by Lois, Alexander Luthor decides to become Earth-3's first super-hero and designs a powerful bio-suit that he uses to fight Ultraman and the evil Luthors alongside the Supermen. After the villains are defeated, the Supermen take the evil Luthors back to prison on their own Earths, while Alexander Luthor returns Ultraman to his prison in Limbo. Alexander Luthor's bio-suit allows him to fly with a miniature jetpack, and he can turn himself and others intangible. Note: Sometime after this story, Alexander Luthor and Lois Lane have a relatively short courtship and are married. [“Crisis on Three Earths,” DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (1982)]
  • [“The Mystery Men of October,” All-Star Squadron #14 (October, 1982); “Crisis Times Three,” Justice League of America #207 (October, 1982); “Master of Worlds and Time,” All-Star Squadron #15 (November, 1982); “Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgot,” Justice League of America #209 (December, 1982)]

January, 1985

  • Alexander Luthor, Jr., the future Monitor II, is born to Dr. Alexander Luthor and Lois Lane Luthor. Note: Time of birth is approximate. [“The Summoning,” Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (April, 1985)]

July, 1985

  • July 13: In the original timeline, antimatter destroys Earth-3, killing the Crime Syndicate and Alexander and Lois Luthor. Luthor manages to save his son, Alexander Jr., by sending him to Earth-1, but the trip causes him to be infused with antimatter, and he is retrieved by the Monitor, who prematurely ages the infant to adulthood for his own purposes. Note: A quickly aged Alexander Luthor, Jr. becomes the Monitor's successor and ends up settling on Earth-2 with that world's Superman and Lois Lane Kent, who become parental figures to the young man. [“The Summoning,” Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (April, 1985)]
  • July 13: At the moment that Earth-3 is consumed by antimatter, Alexander Luthor uses his bio-suit's ability to make matter intangible to try to save the Earth. Simultaneously, the 30th century being called Infinity attempts to save Earth-3 as well. Their efforts combine to simultaneously turn back time to a point before the antimatter arrived, creating an alternate timeline while also making the Earth and several other inhabited planets completely immaterial and in suspended animation, shifting them through space and time to the antimatter universe of Qward some months later. As a result of this tampering with time, Alexander Luthor, Jr. no longer exists in Earth-3's history except as a half-remembered dream in his parents' memories. [“Crime Syndicate of America: The Forgotten Earth”; “The Legion of Super-Heroes: Heroes No More?”]

December, 1985

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: The Forgotten Earth”]

May, 1986

October, 1986

December, 1986

January, 1987

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: Enter Amazo”]

April, 1987

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: The Secret Society of Super-Heroes”]

May, 1987

  • UNFINISHED STORY. [“The Secret Society of Super-Heroes: Quest of Evil”]

June, 1987

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: The Brethren”]

July, 1987

  • [“Showcase: A Girl Named Arcane”]
  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: Strange Visitors”]

August, 1987

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: The Monster Society of Good”]

September, 1987

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: Tyrants and Champions”]

October, 1987

  • [“The Night Force: Into the Abyss”]

June, 1988

  • [“Crime Syndicate of America: Nightmare”]
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