The Outsiders: Outsiders and Insiders

March, 1986: The Masters of Disaster (with new member Syonide) accept a job for Kyack, warlike leader of the underground people. After Cave Carson and his team are captured by the powerful Prince Raynor of the Inner-World, who is mind-controlled by Starstriker, the Outsiders go to find them. Meanwhile, Looker and the other female Outsiders (with new member Windfall) are transported to the subterranean land of Abyssia, which is caught in a war between the evil Kyack and good King Nobic (father of Raynor). The Masters of Disaster and a clone of Baron Bedlam capture the female Outsiders, while the male Outsiders find Cave Carson's Mighty Mole. They are attacked by Raynor, until his sister Princess Vee-Raa intervenes. For different reasons Kyack, Bedlam, and Starstriker each want the power of the radioactive meteor that acts as the sun of Nobic's Inner-World land. The male Outsiders free the female Outsiders and Raynor, who destroys Baron Bedlam's clone. After Carson is freed, the Outsiders return to the surface world, with the powerful Princess Vee-Raa as their newest member. [“The Outsiders: Outsiders and Insiders”]

  • March, 1986: Windfall, former member of the Masters of Disaster who now goes by the name of Wendy Doe, is happy to be allowed to move in with Gabrielle Doe (Halo) and Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana). Meanwhile, the Masters of Disaster (joined by their new member Syonide), carrying the DNA samples of their dead former employer Baron Bedlam, meet their new employer – Kyack, warlike leader of the underground people. Elsewhere, Cave Carson and his team – Bulldozer Smith, Christie Madison, and Johnny Smith – while traveling underground in the Mighty Mole, are captured by a mind-controlled Prince Raynor. Sapphire Stagg Mason convinces her husband Rex Mason (Metamorpho) to get the Outsiders to rescue Cave Carson, whose latest expedition was financed by her father, Simon Stagg. After Looker feels she is summoned by the Abyssians for help, she, Katana, Halo, and Windfall are transported directly there and learn that Abyssia is threatened by other underground realms. The current leader of Abyssia, Rema, explains that Abyssia has been caught in a war between two underground realms, one led by the evil Kyack and the other led by good King Nobic, father of Prince Raynor, who has lately begun attacking Abyssia with his Kryptonian-level powers. [“The Outsiders: Outsiders and Insiders, Chapter 1: Misadventures Inside Earth”]
  • Just then, Kyack's forces attack Abyssia with the help of the Masters of Disaster. A clone of Baron Bedlam created by Kyack helps him even as he secretly plots to take over the inner world himself. The male Outsiders find the damaged Mighty Mole and discover that Stagg financed Carson in order to find a radioactive meteor that might have the transformative powers of the Orb of Ra. Prince Raynor attacks the Outsiders. Geo-Force and Prince Raynor, who appears to be in a trance, are battling when Raynor's sister Princess Vee-Raa arrives and puts a stop to the fight. After Raynor leaves, Vee-Raa explains that her brother fell victim to mind-control weeks ago and that the Masters of Disaster are in the underground world as well. Elsewhere, Baron Bedlam asks Kyack to let him get rid of the male Outsiders by using the females as bait. The male Outsiders find a little girl who survived an attack by the Masters of Disaster, but nearby Starstriker (who retains only his mental powers and flight after his last battle with Captain Comet) watches them – he plans to gain power from a radioactive meteor to take his revenge on Captain Comet. [“The Outsiders: Outsiders and Insiders, Chapter 2: Bedlam Beneath the Earth”]
  • As the male Outsiders enter Kyack's castle, they find captured Abyssians who explain that the female Outsiders have been taken away to be executed. Upon learning that he lives again, Geo-Force vows to kill Baron Bedlam. Baron Bedlam attempts to kill the female Outsiders by exposing them to the powerful meteor's radiation. The male Outsiders arrive and battle the Masters of Disaster. Bedlam uses a focusing device on the meteor that he plans to destroy Markovia with in one powerful blast, and the betrayed Kyack fails to stop him. Starstriker arrives with his mind-controlled pawn Prince Raynor, planning to absorb the meteor's power himself. Heatwave and Coldsnap are somehow merged into a single being. After a battle, the Outsiders free Raynor, who destroys Baron Bedlam's device and vaporizes the Baron himself. Kyack is arrested and replaced by an elected governor, and Cave Carson and his crew are freed. At a peace banquet afterward, Princess Vee-Raa joins the Outsiders and travels with them to the upper world, where she has super-powers. Carson promises to keep his findings out of Stagg's hands. [“The Outsiders: Outsiders and Insiders, Chapter 3: War at the Earth's Core”]
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