Margo the Magician Who's Who Bio
big-margo.jpg Heroic/Villain ID: Margo the Magician
Civilian ID: Margo Webster
Civilian Occupation: Stage magician and performer
Appearance: A little above average height, with dark hair, sometimes reddish-blonde and recently streaked with gray.
5 Earths Universe: Earth X
Base of Operations: NY City.
Born: 1917
Aging status: Normal (perhaps magically retarded)
Status: Quality Character, introduced to 5EP by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza
Relatives: The Great Presto, father, deceased, Mother unnamed / deceased, brother Jimmy
Associates: Hi and Lo, two Chinese soldiers, Chick Benson (international reporter), Uncle Sam, David Vincent
Enemies: Japanese invaders of China, invaders from Hell via Grim Island, Martian clones, Gareth Gallowglass
Group: The Founders of Grimoire Academy (Yarko the Great, Captain Marvel, Dr. Occult, Dr. Mist
Powers: When she originally discovered her powers, they may have been illusion-based, but they have evolved over the years. She can create small physical objects, deliver powerful blows of force at a distance, travel long distances almost instantly through bodies of water, and generate a large cloud of mist, direct it where she wants it to go, and observe whatever is in or near the cloud. She can create and cast fireballs and a magical shield. She has a mystical sense that allows her to sense nearby and distant magic depending on how powerful the manifestation is, and she can sense things like good/evil intentions and rage. She can share her magical powers with other mages. She may be able to see some types of magical energy.

Source of Powers: Margo may be homo magii. She apparently inherited the ability to manipulate magic from her father. Knowledge and skills: Skilled stage magician and performer, very good with sleight of hand. Skilled pilot.

Weapons and Gadgets: Margo owns her own airplane

History: Margo's father, the Great Presto, was once a famous stage magician who traveled the world and performed for high society and heads of state. At some point, perhaps after the death of his wife, he began drinking heavily, and while he, his daughter Margo and son Jimmy continued to travel the world, it was as almost penniless vagabonds who booked performances in ratty theaters in front of tiny audiences. They were in China, occupied by Japanese invaders in 1941 when two fugitive Chinese solders ran into the theater where they were performing and begged for a place to hide. Presto helped them hide, but Japanese soldiers who were pursing them found them, and planned to execute the soldiers, Hi and Lo, along with Margo and Jimmy. Faced with watching his children be executed, Presto revealed his awesome magical powers and saved the four - though either through unfamiliarity with long unused powers, or perhaps his mind was fuddled with drink, he died in the hail of bullets fired by the executioners. As he died, he revealed to Margo that she possessed similar powers of her own. She used those powers to save herself, her brother, the soldiers, and American journalist Chick Benson from the Japanese. And then she faded from recorded history.

Until she reappeared in 1951, performing for the USO. She sensed a great evil somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, used her power to journey through water to go to the source on Grim Island, where she battled and thwarted an invasion from Hell with her companions (see above). She and the rest of the group suggested the foundation of Grimoire Academy, as a way to keep the entrance to Hell bottled up, and also as a way to give Gareth Gallowglass something to do other than brood about his dead companions, the Sentinels of Magic.

There is another gap in her history until 1986, when she sensed something evil growing inside the US, discovered the plans of a lot of Martian clones to invade, and aided in stopping that invasion.

(Partial) list of 5EP appearances: (links)

Uncle Sam Quarterly #2 (1941)

The Books of Magic: 1951: Founding Fathers

We Will Fight Our Countries’ Battles

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