Liberty Belle, Freedom's Star Who's Who Bio
liberty-belle.jpg Heroic/Villain ID: Liberty Belle
Nicknames: Freedom's Star
Civilian ID: Caroline Dean
Civilian Occupation: CEO of a fashion empire, instructor at the NY Academy of Martial Arts, trained astronaut, government employee
Appearance: Tall and athletic, short red hair cut in a bob, wears a white wig as Liberty Belle, likes short skirts and bright colors
5 Earths Universe: Earth 4
Base of Operations: NY City.
Born: 1945
Aging status: She is deceased
Status: Charlton Character now owned by DC
Relatives: Sister, Candy Dean
Associates: Maryanne, Tina and Pidge, employees, Steve Austin, Nathaniel Adam (via astronaut training)
Enemies: The Syndicate (Albert Carr), Russian spies
Group: ??
Powers: She has photographic memory and photographic reflexes - after observing someone do something (such as a gymnastic routine or a combination of martial arts blows) she can replicate instantly those moves - assuming her body is agile enough!

Source of Powers: extremely athletic and highly trained.

Knowledge and skills: Superb businesswoman, highly skilled martial artist, trained as an astronaut, top secret security clearance. She can pilot jet planes, is adept at maneuvering in zero gravity, and a skilled scuba diver. Has training in ballet and gymnastics.

Weapons and Gadgets:

History: In E Man #5 (Nov. 1974), her sole comic book adventure, Caroline beats a macho mafiosa who's intent on moving in on her business, knocks out a Soviet double-agent trying to infiltrate an American space mission to Skylab III, takes his place, and generally looks fabulous doing it. She warns the Skylab crew that they are about to be invaded by Space Pirates.

In her first live appearance on the 5EP site, Liberty Belle was cowardly murdered while standing in a line of prisoners, and her sister Candy took over the role

(Partial) list of 5EP appearances: (links)

E-Man#5 (Nov. 1973) (scroll down and click on the panel of the astronaut shooting at Liberty Belle)

Caroline Dean, Freedom's Star

DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War, Chapter 11: Executions (shows her cowardly murder)

Sentinels of Justice: The Calm Before the Storm, Chapter 2: Nightshade (shows her funeral)

All these links are for stories in which her sister, Candy Dean, appeared

Sentinels of Justice: Superpowers

Sentinels of Justice: Duplicity

Sentinels of Justice: Atomic Nightmare

Sentinels of Justice: Invaded by Magic

Sentinels of Justice: Panic and the Pantheon

Sentinels of Justice: Another Crisis on Earth-Four

Sentinels of Justice: Cold War, Secret War! (1988)

Thunderbolt: Rebirth (1988)

Queens of Evil (1988)

Solar Legion: Bright Future

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