Legion of Super-Heroes: Heroes No More?

January, 2986: [“Legion of Super-Heroes: Heroes No More?”]

  • January, 2986: Element Lad informs Polar Boy at LSH Headquarters that his former teammates in the Legion of Substitute Heroes – Fire Lad, Stone Boy, and Chlorophyll Kid (actually their Earth-3 counterparts, Pyro, Granite, and Green Thumb) – have robbed a bank on Mars, and Fire Lad (Pyro) died while reigniting the Olympus Mons volcano. After Cosmic Boy and Night Girl arrive, Chameleon Boy confers with Polar Boy and Night Girl about their apparent former teammates. Meanwhile, while Dream Girl and White Witch are assisting Dawnstar with her vision quest, Dream Girl has a vision of an unknown traitor in the Legion. In space, a group of Legionnaires encounter an old-style Legion Cruiser manned by four familiar-looking villains who are Earth-3 counterparts of heroes – Plague (Earth-3's Infectious Lass), Grand Master (Earth-3's Karate Kid), Hallucination (Earth-3's Princess Projectra), and Spectrum (Earth-3's Color Kid). The Earth-3 villains capture the Legionnaires. Chameleon Boy, Polar Boy, and Night Girl consult Brainiac 5 about the rogue heroes, and Brainiac 5 theorizes that they may be from a parallel universe, since there was a recent spatial tear near Ekron that could have been a point of entry from one of those universes. The LSH receives a message from an unknown but familiar-sounding person who warns that the Legion and R.J. Brande are in danger. Meanwhile, Ultra Boy, Lightning Lass, and Tellus investigate the Mars robbery and, while inspecting Fire Lad's body, discover that his organs are on the opposite side. Suddenly, they are attacked by a powerful woman who looks like Supergirl but who is actually her Earth-3 counterpart, Ultragirl. [“Legion of Super-Heroes: Heroes No More? Chapter 1: Evil Twins”]
  • [“Legion of Super-Heroes: Heroes No More? Chapter 2: The Cabal of Super-Criminals”]
  • [“Legion of Super-Heroes: Heroes No More? Chapter 3”]
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