Hawkman and Hawkwoman: Wings Against the Night

May, 1986: After Midway City is hit by a terror plague, Hawkman and Hawkwoman realize it is a call for help from Rann, which is attacked by Nekron, the fear parasite that once fought the JLA. Assisting Adam Strange, the Hawks transport Nekron to Apokolips, where it explodes after overdosing on fear. [“Hawkman: Wings Against the Night”]

  • May, 1986: Acting Midway City Police Commissioner Stewart Frazier recruits Hawkman and Hawkwoman to help with police standoff at a bank, where the police officers are acting strangely fearful. After ending the standoff, the Hawks soon encounter fear-based riots that all add up to something they call a terror plague, and even the Hawks are briefly affected by it. Hawkwoman soon discovers that the terror plague centered around the Midway City Museum where they work in their secret identities, and that it seems to come from the planet Rann. [“Hawkman: Wings Against the Night, Chapter 1: The Terror Plague of Midway City”]
  • Hawkman and Hawkwoman travel to Rann, where they learn that the planet is under attack by the alien fear parasite Nekron, who fought and was captured by the JLA years ago. Assisting Adam Strange battle the creature, the Hawks send Nekron to Armagetto on Apokolips using a Thanagarian relativity beam. There, Nekron overdoses on the tremendous fear of the inhabitants and explodes. The Hawks remain on Rann for a vacation. [“Hawkman: Wings Against the Night, Chapter 2: The Fear Parasite”]
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