Hawkman and Hawkwoman: Mind Games


June, 1986: After the entire world is placed under a sleeping spell by a combination of the black mercy plant with an alien mind-scanning device, Hawkwoman finds herself the only person on Earth who is awake, being immune to the spell because of her use of the Absorbascon. After discovering that mind-controlled super-villains are taking advantage of the situation, she learns that Syryna and Mongul are behind the sleeping spell and battles several mind-controlled members of the JLA and the Outsiders. Finally, she causes the dreams of Earth's five billion people to overwhelm Mongul and ends the sleeping spell. She returns home just as Hawkman returns from the planet Rann. [“Hawkwoman: Mind Games”]

Full summary:

  • June, 1986: Various JLA members have vivid dreams: in Los Angeles, Hal Jordan and Arisia are married; in Smallville, Superman tells Ma and Pa Kent that he just became engaged to Lois Lane; in Blue Valley, Wally West show his aunt Iris Allen the mint copy of Flash Comics #1 he plans to give his uncle Barry Allen; in Gotham City, Batman is married to Catwoman, while Dick Grayson helps him train Jason Todd; Ralph Dibny (the Elongated Man) is recognized by Scotland Yard for his detective work, while his wife Sue Dibny is about to give birth to their daughter; in Star City, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are married, and Oliver is the city's police chief; on Paradise Island, Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) is able to retire and settle down with her husband, Steve Trevor, on the island now that Aphrodite has lifted the ban against men there; on New Mars, J'onn J'onzz (the Martian Manhunter) is married and has children; in Ivy Town, Ray Palmer (the Atom) becomes the head of the Science Department at Ivy University, while his wife Jean Loring Palmer is a homemaker; on Thanagar, Katar Hol (Hawkman) succeeds Andar Pul as head of the Thanagarian police force as his wife Shayera watches with pride. Shayera awakes from her dream, realizing it did not depict reality, and hopes that Katar returns from the planet Rann soon. [“Hawkwoman: Mind Games, Chapter 1: Vivid Dreams”]
  • Shayera drives to the Midway City Mall, only to find everyone there asleep. She learns from the birds that humans all over the state have also fallen asleep where they are. On the JLA satellite, Hawkwoman finds Zatanna asleep and soon learns that all the world's heroes are likewise sleeping and that she is the only person on Earth unaffected by the spell. Across the world, numerous accidents and deaths have occurred because of the sleeping spell. Learning of a disturbance in Central City, she goes there and encounters a Mirror Master II (a Scottish man using the motif) and the Rainbow Raider and easily defeats them both. Realizing that someone else must be behind all this who is controlling the villains' minds, she uses Mirror Master II's mirror transporter to transport herself elsewhere, where she discovers that aliens using the black mercy plant are behind the sleeping spell. Hiding in a crate, Hawkwoman is taken by the mind-controlled Mammoth to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. [“Hawkwoman: Mind Games, Chapter 2: As the World Slept”]
  • Mammoth shatters the crate Hawkwoman is hiding in, and she discovers that Syryna is behind the world's sleeping spell and that Shayera was only immune because of her use of the Absorbascon. Hawkwoman battles Syryna's mind-controlled troops throughout the Fortress of Solitude, battling Supergirl II, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, Black Canary, the Elongated Man, Batman, Metamorpho, and Superman until she is finally knocked out. She awakes to find herself in the presence of Mongul, who reveals that he agreed to help Syryna invade and take over her otherdimensional world of Elykaar in exchange for exacting revenge on Earth through the sleeping spell. Reversing the device that conducts the effects of the black mercy to the world's population, the dreams of the world overwhelm Mongul and knock him out, while everyone on Earth awakes from the sleeping spell. As Superman and the JLA take care of Mongul and Syryna, Hawkwoman goes back to Midway City just as Hawkman returns from Rann. [“Hawkwoman: Mind Games, Chapter 3: Five Billion Dreams”]



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