Walking down an alley in New York City may not be the smartest thing a person could do, but Kyle Rayner had been drinking, and it was the shortest path to the apartment he shared with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Alex DeWitt. In the alley, a being appeared to Kyle, bearing a yellow ring. It was a Weaponer of Qward, charged with bringing a spare ring to Sinestro (Earth-1). However, the Crisis had left the barriers between worlds inconsistent, and he arrived on Earth-2 instead. The ring was given to Kyle, along with the warning that Sinestro would be along to claim it.

The next day, photojournalist Alex DeWitt was looking through Kyle's pockets for bus fare, when she came across the ring. He told her she could keep it, and she put in on her finger. Not ten minutes later, her willpower unlocked its abilities, and her course was set. She wanted to be like the heroes she had read of all her life. She set out for Gotham City, to train under Green Lantern.

Given the coloring of the ring, she chose the name Corona (for the ring around the sun, not the beer). Her introduction to the JSA was unique, accidentally breaking down their door, and encasing the Atom in a giant bug jar (by the way, that security tape is still one of Wildcat's favorite videos). She was introduced to Green Lantern just in time for him to disappear on a JSA assignment.

Corona was added to the ranks of the JSA Reserves, and has served with them well. She has also become close to Green Lantern and his family, and has become his protege.

5 Earths Appearances

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