Captain Comet's Rehab Squad: A Cosmos Imperiled

March, 1986: Captain Comet and the Rehab Squad battle and defeat the Enchantress and her Secret Society of Super-Villains at Stonehenge. The team battles the Female Furies. While a few battle the threat of the world-devourer called Moxumbra in space, the others battle Doctor Bedlam's robots on Earth. Melisande of New Genesis prevents Captain Comet from sacrificing his life by destroying Moxumbra herself. Maxima declares Captain Comet her mate. Rehab Squad members: Captain Comet, Cheetah II, Dolphin, Golden Glider, Nadir, Robotgirl, Starman. Villains: Doctor Bedlam, Female Furies (Bloody Mary, Gilotina, Knockout, Lashina, Malice, Speed Queen), Granny Goodness, Moxumbra, Secret Society of Super-Villains (Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, the Enchantress, Killer Frost, Leviathan, Pantha, Slipknot, Super-Scavenger, X-Ray Man). Guest appearances: Argus, Highfather, Maxima, Melisande (first appearance). [“Captain Comet's Rehab Squad: A Cosmos Imperiled”]

  • March, 1986: Dolphin and Starman meet Argus at the Metahuman Rehabilitation Agency, where a scientific device determines that Starman and Argus gained their powers from the same cosmic source. The Enchantress' Secret Society of Super-Villains appears at Stonehenge. In a spacecraft, Maxima receives news of a crisis on her planet Almerac. On Apokolips, Granny Goodness sends the Female Furies to Earth, while Doctor Bedlam sends faceless automatons to Earth. On New Genesis, Highfather calls for Melisande's help. Captain Comet and the Rehab Squad battle the Secret Society of Super-Villains at Stonehenge. Nadir defeats the Enchantress, revealing that she is a pawn of the Warlock of Ys. The Female Furies arrive to pick up their member Knockout. [“Captain Comet's Rehab Squad: A Cosmos Imperiled, Chapter 1: Secret Society at Stonehenge”]
  • Knockout, now aware of her identity as a Female Fury of Apokolips, demands the Enchantress pay for enslaving her. Captain Comet fails to convince the Female Furies to return to Apokolips with Knockout and leave the Enchantress to him. Meanwhile, robotic agents of Doctor Bedlam disguised as humans and holding key military and political positions throughout the U.S. begin Bedlam's plan. They order their followers to seize every military base across the U.S. The planet Almerac is threatened by a menace called the Devourer of Worlds (Moxumbra). The Rehab Squad battles the Female Furies, who escape to Apokolips but leave Gilotina behind. Captain Comet learns that soldiers are seizing military bases all over the U.S., and he senses that something from space is heading for Earth. [“Captain Comet's Rehab Squad: A Cosmos Imperiled, Chapter 2: Furious Females”]
  • As Captain Comet prepares to battle the world-devourer called Moxumbra, Maxima arrives to make him her mate. Starman and Argus learn that their powers come from Highfather of New Genesis. On New Genesis, Highfather sends Melisande to Earth. In space, Moxumbra approaches Earth. Argus discovers that the military leaders ordering the troops to seize the bases are robots and begins exposing them to end the threat. Captain Comet, Maxima, and Starman head into space to battle Moxumbra, and Starman is seemingly killed while trying to stop it. Returning to Earth, Captain Comet and his team learn that the robots are directed by Doctor Bedlam. Nadir uses his magic to bring Captain Comet and Maxima to Apokolips, where they battle Doctor Bedlam, who slips away into another body elsewhere, and find a device that can destroy Moxumbra. Returning to Earth, Captain Comet prepares to sacrifice himself to stop Moxumbra. Melisande arrives and takes the device into the creature, destroying it and retrieving Starman, who survived. All of Doctor Bedlam's robotic pawns on Earth suddenly shut down. Maxima declares her love for Captain Comet and plans to remain on Earth. [“Captain Comet's Rehab Squad: A Cosmos Imperiled, Chapter 3: The Devourer of Worlds”]
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