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 ==== 2017 ==== ==== 2017 ====
-  * Jason Baalragh, the world'​s wealthiest man as the owner of Global Oilwas nearly 80 years old and had a bad heart. ​He spent a large sum of money to replace ​his heart with one made of polystyrene, ​thereby extending his life. He would go on extending his life until he reaches 450 years of age. ["​Final Operation,"​ Haunted (Charlton) #18]+  * Jason Baalragh, ​owner of Global Oil and the world'​s wealthiest man, is nearly 80 years old and has a bad heart. ​Spending ​a large sum of money, he manages ​to extend his life by replacing ​his heart with one made of polystyrene, ​and he would go on extending his life through such synthetic organ replacements ​until he reaches 450 years of age. ["​Final Operation,"​ Haunted (Charlton) #18]
 ==== 2018 ==== ==== 2018 ====
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