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 +====== Air Wave (Earth-2) ======
 +Law clerk **Lawrence "​Larry"​ Jordan** had recently graduated from law school and was an intern at the Brooklyn District Attorney office. Noticing the rise of crime, Jordan decided to become a costumed crimefighter using technology, and used his interests in radio and electronics to create his equipment, including a cowl radio system that allowed him to listen in on police reports and special skates that enabled him to travel along telephone lines. He was accompanied by an outspoken parrot named Static, who occasionally aided him in battle (and, for narrative purposes, gave him someone with whom he could converse in order to provide extrapolation to the reader). His superhero activities were noticeable enough for a fictionalized President Franklin Roosevelt to request his participation in the All-Star Squadron.
 +Air Wave has an antennae in his helmet and circuitry in his belt which allow him to eavesdrop on police band frequencies or intercept telephone calls. He can travel at the speed of electricity along telephone lines on collapsible skates built into his boots. His magnetic energies enabled him to climb walls or relieve criminals of their guns.
 +Larry Jordan'​s granddaughter [[Air Wave (Ilyssa Jordan)|Ilyssa Jordan]] is the new Air Wave.
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